CORN GRITS (Maize Grits)


Corn gritare formed from the kernel of the corn. Corn is one of the world’s great staple foods. Corn grit originated in Southern United States as main breakfast item.Corn was ground by stone mill and passed through sieves traditionally.

Corn Grit from finest quality of corn which is grounded to fine and superfine consistency according to the needs of our customers. The processing involves separation of the fatty substance and bran from grit and prepared in desired particle size.

Corn grit are also called flaking grit as they are in highest demand by corn flakes and breakfast industry. They are used not only by breakfast industry but also used in sweet manufacturing. Our grithave no artificial color, no preservatives and are processed in a hygienic and safe manner.

Corn grit for production of extruded snacks such as Kurkure. They are also used for manufacturing other crisp snacks popular among children such as cheese balls, corn chips and others. Our Corn Gritare also in demand in preparation of breads, cakes and muffins

We have corn meal ranging from 300 microns-1400 microns as per customer specifications.

Our corn grits type 101 and 108, 109 , 101c (extra coarse),Coarse and fine type, extra fine used in extruded snack, corn balls, Tortilla chips,breakfast cereals and other varities.

With customization we are offering quality product for snack food industries.

Corn grits 2mm, 3mm and 5mm as per buyer’s requirement.


Parameter Typical Value
Color Natural Yellow
Protein Above 8.0%
Fat Maximum 1.0%
Fibre Maximum 1.5%
Moisture Below 11.0%
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