Our Flavours are used to a diverse scale of food and non-food applications.


Sweet and savoury flavours for bakery/ biscuits, ice cream, beverages, confectionery, oils and facts, dairy products, instant noodles…

  Almond Ghee 
  Apple   Ginger
Apricot             Grape
Banana   Guava
Basmati  Ice cream soda
Black mint    Jasmine
Bubblegum                               Kiwi
Butter    Kulfi
Butter caramel Lemon
Butter vanilla Lychee
Buttermilk cream Mango
Butterscotch Melon
Butter toffee Menthol
Caramel Mint
Cardamom Mixed fruit
Cashew nut Mustard
 Cheese Orange
Cherry Peach
Chocolate Peanut
Cinnamon Peppermint
Clove  Pineapple
Coconut Popcorn
Coffee Raspberry
Cola Sesame
Coriander Soya bean
Corn Soya milk
Cough drops Strawberry
Cumin Tamarind
Condensed milk Tomato
Water melon Turmeric