Wheat Bran is a byproduct generated while extracting flour from the Wheat Grain. Technically speaking there’s no product called Animal Feed Wheat Bran or Human Food Wheat Bran. When buyers use term called Animal Feed Wheat Bran, the producers use adulterants to reduce the cost of the product and offer the price for the same. Using adulterants based wheat bran may harm animal and birds as well. This is the basic reason for major price difference in different suppliers from India.
We produce standard Wheat Bran, which can be used for Animal Feeding, Poultry Feeding and Human Food as well. The pricing of the wheat bran is dependent on the Raw Material (Wheat) Cost and Pricing of Wheat Flour and other byproducts of wheat in the open market, as far as the Indian Pricing structure is concerned.
Technical Specification of Wheat Bran

Parameter Value
Moisture (% Maximum) 12
Protein (% Between) 12 -15
Fat (% Between) 2 – 3.5
Fiber (% Between) 2.5 – 8.5
Carbohydrates (% Between) 51 – 65.2
Ash (% Between) 1 – 6.3
Sand Silica (% Between) 0.4 – 2
Natural Phosphorus Content (% Between) 0.50 – 1.47
Natural Calcium Content (% Between) 0.10 – 0.17
Foreign Matter Nil